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Saturday, April 22, 2017

Mixing the Old with the New. . .

Hello my friends,
today I'm sharing my love for mixing the old with the new.
Have you ever entered into a home where everything was old, (antique)?  It feels a bit musty to me.
But on the other hand, a home filled with everything bran spankin new is, to me; a bit boring.
Put the two together and it's a 'home run'!
Many of you know my love for vintage dishes, but that doesn't mean that I don't fall in love all over again with some that are new.  :) The minute I spied the aqua and red pieces in the Pioneer Woman line I couldn't resist!
A few sweet floral plates topped with a vintage shaker just makes me ever so happy!  Doesn't she seem to be saying, "here's looking at you kid"?
I am surprised that PW dishes have started showing up at thrift shops already.  I scored this bowl a few months ago.
I added a vintage melmac creamer and cup for a little fun.  The little yellow flower inside the teacup holds loose tea.

A PW colander all by itself can be a tad boring.  Sit it atop a vintage scale and it's winner, winner, chicken dinner!  lol!

My table has a mixture of both old and new.  I've added an old mixer scored from the estate I am helping with to a mixture of  Pioneer Woman dishes.  I picked up the red bowls at another thrift just last week for $1 ea.  I don't think they had ever been used. They still had the stickers on the bottom. 
 I've added a few natural elements.  I tucked a nest that a bird built on my Forsythia wreath last year into the mixing bowl. And a found feather has a new home in one of my vintage frogs.  A couple of glass frogs rest on the aqua cake stand and one holds basket of gold, picked from the garden under the cloche. 

The sweet batter bowl is much more noticeable when elevated on an old chippy stool.

Old and new come together in my tiered tray.  New PW cow creamer and vintage aqua Fenton glass. 

I just adore this sweet Birthday card!

And these mushroom shakers that I picked up at a thrift a few years ago. 

I'm thinking that my utensil holder needs more than just a few vintage utinsels.


These fun bowls are not PW, but they go so well with them.

 We don't need to feel that we need something old in every vignette.  Just here and there is enough to add interest.
Nothing old here, but I added the leaded glass butterfly for a point of interest.  The sweet flower stand was made by my friend, Amanda's husband.

I bought 12 of the red and aqua plates so I have plenty
 when family comes.

The cabinet where I house most of my PW collection is a mixture of both old and new as well.
The aqua goblets are new PW, but the red bubble ones are vintage.
The blue dotty pitcher, melmac sugar, and aqua teacups and saucers are also old.

The cabinet looked so bare that I added some old ironstone to the top shelf.

PW pie plate and rolling pin are mixed in with a ruby red vintage sugar and creamer.  Newer plates in the same colors and two ironstone sugar bowls, and saucers carry on the new/old  tradition. 

Although I've shared the mixing of the old with the new in my kitchen, it's a theme that I carry throughout my entire home.
How about you, do you love mixing the old with the new?
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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Share Your Cup #245

Hello and welcome to Share Your Cup, (SYC for short).
The party where you share what makes you happy.
It's what I call, "filling your cup".
I hope you all had a joyous Easter celebration!
Last week I ran across some Forget Me Not postcards and shared some great advice given in a talk by one of the leaders of the LDS church.

I also shared my Early Spring Garden
Now for the features from SYC #245:
(I apologize for not notifying these blogs that they were featured this week.  I've been busy setting up for another estate sale and honestly,  just didn't get around to it)
Patti at Old Things New took us on a tour of her
beautiful spring home.
Sarah from Hyacinth for the Soul shared her delightful courtly spring collections.
Lori from Dining Delight shared an amazing Easter buffet.
 Tania from Farragoz shared these amazingly creative eggs.
Debby Goes Shabby shared her stunning snowballs and a darling cake she made for Easter.
Virginia from Artsy VaVa shared a fabulous farm table
 built by her son.
Thanks so much for sharing and please grab my button if
 you were featured.

Now let's party!
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It's a great way to find new friends!

After you link up, please come back and leave a comment.  They help to fill my cup! 

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Early Spring Garden. . .2017

Hello my friends,
I am always elated when I see spring flowers popping up in my garden.
Once that warm weather arrives the garden comes alive and I love how it continually changes each month!
The ground covers along the rock wall always put on a delightful show in early spring.

Creeping Phlox and Candy Tuft
Basket of Gold


The last couple of years Violets have been popping up in my garden.  I had lots of them at my previous home, but did not bring any starts here to this home.  They must have been dormant in the soil of some of the other starts that I brought and just now started showing up.  Crazy funny!

I must admit that they are ever so sweet!

Little Grape Hyacinths peeking out from an iron fence.
My Hellebores, (Lenton Rose) are one of the first things to bloom in the spring.  They are one of my favorite shade plants, and they bloom for a long time.

Pasque flower is another one that blooms as soon as the snow melts.

I love this pretty pink ground cover.  I've gone blank on the
 name. . .it happens!  :)

 My Japanese Quince is small and just starting to bloom.

The drifting color continues on the small rock area in the front yard.  It makes me smile every time I pull into our cul-de-sac!

I hope you enjoyed my early spring garden!

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Forget Me Nots. . .

Hello my friends,

This morning I was rummaging through one of the boxes that I had brought home from the estate I am helping with.
 I came across a couple of old "forget me not" postcards.

Just the name, is enough to make anyone fall in love.  After all, who doesn't want to be remembered?
A few years ago one of the leaders of the LDS church,
Dieter F. Uchtdorf gave a wonderful talk titled,
"Forget Me Not"
It was sweet and simple and straight to the point.
Even though you may not be of the LDS faith, the things he brought out can do all of us some good.  I'll be sharing just a bit along with some images of beautiful forget me nots.

First, forget not to be patient with yourself
"Dear sisters, many of you are endlessly compassionate and patient with the weaknesses of others. Please remember also to be compassionate and patient with yourself."
(I love this sweet postcard!  The oval shape reminds me of a mirror looking back
at me reminding me not to forget how important I am!)
Second, forget not the difference between a good sacrifice and a foolish sacrifice.
"An acceptable sacrifice is when we give up something good for something of far greater worth."
(it's obvious to me that this gentleman is willing to sacrifice some of his time for this sweet lady.  Surely he will not forget!)
Third, forget not to be happy now.
"So many people today are waiting for their own golden ticket—the ticket that they believe holds the key to the happiness they have always dreamed about. For some, the golden ticket may be a perfect marriage; for others, a magazine-cover home or perhaps freedom from stress or worry."
"The lesson here is that if we spend our days waiting for fabulous roses, we could miss the beauty and wonder of the tiny forget-me-nots that are all around us."
This is a biggie!  We sing a song in church that one of the lines says, "there is no tomorrow, there's only today".
(sweet forget me nots blooming in my garden.  I'm just catching the tail end of the blooms. This plant is actually Brunerra, the blooms are the same as forget me nots.)
 Fourth, forget not the “why” of the gospel
"Let us not walk the path of discipleship with our eyes on the ground, thinking only of the tasks and obligations before us. Let us not walk unaware of the beauty of the glorious earthly and spiritual landscapes that surround us."
(This photo was taken last May.  Crazy that the plants bloomed so much earlier this year.)
Fifth, forget not that the Lord loves you
"God loves you because you are His child. He loves you even though at times you may feel lonely or make mistakes."
What a wonderful world this would be if everyone
remembered this!
We recently had our General Conference where we heard from the leaders of the church.  President Uchtordf's talk was once again one of my favorites.  He always touches my heart.
Plus, he's pretty easy on the eyes!  lol!
If you would like to read the entire talk I have included the link
Forget Me Nots

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